Professional Lighting and Energy Audits


It is essential that our team at EcoTech Solutions work with clients to ensure full understanding of their overall goal and operation. We strive to provide the best energy saving solutions according to each customer's specific needs. This understanding enables us to develop the proper solution, which provides the ability to control lighting needs, lowers operating costs and enhances the work environment.

An audit, which is an on-site inspection of lighting technology identifies the type, quantity, performance, and age of the existing lighting, oftentimes revealing the outdated technology.  An often overlooked critical component of the audit is a comprehensive review of our customer’s energy invoices by a licensed professional.  This review ensures that the electricity and gas rates incurred by our clients are at the lowest available rates.

Our audits provide custom designed lighting and energy solutions for our clients, ensuring they have full control of the most cost effective, energy efficient, and highest performing lighting technology on the market.