Project Analysis and Design


The on-site lighting audit data is incorporated in a proprietary financial modeling report, which provides the investment grade forecast of the following expenditure reductions:

  •  Cost reductions by lowering energy consumption
  • Calculation of saved expense through reduced  maintenance activity
  • Reduction in the cost of lightbulbs and related components  
  • Projected additional savings including cooling load and carbon footprint reductions

The final component added to the calculator is the potential savings that a customer can achieve by switching energy providers. If a client is in a state in which companies have a choice of energy providers, then our team is able to ensure they are paying the absolute lowest rates available in their market.  Examples of deregulated markets are states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and Connecticut.

In addition to our Financial Equipment and Advanced Lighting Upgrade Calculator EcoTech can provide multiple photometric reports and 3-D render drawings that graphically please look at some examples below


3D Rendering and Photometric Layout Examples

Energy Savings Calculator